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Keep updated with how we are dealing with the Coronavirus situation

Staff at both of our offices are still on hand to help with your property needs, whether you are a vendor selling through us, a landlord or tenant, or a regular client for whom we carry out professional work. Based on the latest Government advice some staff are working remotely and from Thursday we will be closing the offices to the general public.

As things change we anticipate that more staff will need to work remotely and we are putting systems in place to ensure that the team have access to the necessary systems, so if you need our help, please just contact us in the usual way.

Some appointments are still going ahead, but if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to give one of our offices a call.

As things change we will review and update our communication each day, keeping information up to date on our website, social media channels and voice mail systems.

We recognise that the coming weeks and months could prove very difficult and we hope that you remain safe and healthy throughout.

For more detailed information about specific issues please take a look at our Coronavirus – Frequently Asked Question:

  • Is the March Property Auction still going ahead?

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation our March Property Auction has been cancelled as have all open viewings at the houses within the sale. Each property within the Auction remains for sale currently and we have agreed with our clients to invite offers for the properties from interested parties.  Each property has different circumstances behind: click here for a run through of what to do if you are interested in one of the properties: https://www.wmsykes.co.uk/news/2020-03-19/property-auction-cancelled

Are Sude Hill sales and Hade Edge sale going ahead?

All sales at Sude Hill sale room and the outside sale at Hade Edge scheduled for the 9 May are all postponed until further notice.

  • Will you stop doing viewings?

At the moment we are continuing with the viewings that we have booked in provided viewers and vendors alike are happy with this. Our advice to vulnerable clients would be not to have other people in their homes and to temporarily halt viewings until the situation improves. We are keeping up to date with government and NHS guidance and are putting the welfare of our staff and the public first.

  • Are you in the office?

Yes. At the moment the team are still here and happy to take your calls and enquiries. As of Thursday we will close the door to the general public, subject to government advice. The team will still be available in both offices, so if you need us please just give us a call or send an email. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

  • How are we keeping people informed?

We will review and update this information at the end of every day. It will be shared on our website and through social media. Our team are making every effort to contact our clients, but if you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Do we need to delay exchange and completion dates?

This will need to be assessed on a case by case and day to day basis as the advice being given is changing all the time. Some completion dates are likely to be pushed back, but we will keep in touch with everyone involved to keep people informed as much as possible.

  • What do you think the effect will be on the housing market?

This could go both ways. We feel that when the lock down period ends there could be a real rush and clamour for properties from buyers, as we have been experiencing strong demand up to this point, with relatively low stock levels compared with previous years. This has been felt across the industry. Alternatively, if businesses struggle and the high street banks find themselves in trouble there may be a downturn in the market with prices possibly falling. We honestly don’t know as we don’t know how long the current situation is going to last. Please be assured that we are working hard to keep in touch with all our clients and are preparing and hoping for the best.